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Here at North West Arborist, we love nothing more than finding pruning solutions to tree issues rather than removal. It’s like a permanent haircut – once it’s gone, it’s GONE! From an early age, trees need nurturing and as they establish themselves there is a need for formative tree pruning by a skilled arborist. This will allow them to grow into healthy mature trees that add value to your property. An arborist will carry this out by:

  • Removing co-dominant leaders
  • Removing crossing branches
  • Identifying weak unions
  • Weight reducing problematic limbs
  • Crown lifting for access underneath the tree.


Removal of dead, diseasedĀ and dying branches for aesthetic, health or safety reasons.


Crown thinning is a great way to open up a view without topping and to maintain light filtration through a tree onto undergrowth or into a dwelling. Depending on how fast your tree tries to thicken up, this can be done every 2-5 years. When done correctly, the true beauty of the tree will be enhanced – while allowing light or view benefits to the client.


Although not the healthiest method of pruning for your tree, a decent crown reduction definitely has its place in modern arboriculture.
Crown reductions are usually performed to:

  • Allow light into a property or dwelling
  • Open up a view
  • Weight reduce hazardous limbs
  • Safely manage the decline of an old tree
  • Slow down root growth

Please be aware that once a tree has been reduced it will require regular maintenance (usually every 2-3 years) to maintain its health, safety, and aesthetics.

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